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About Yogurt & Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love yogurt and ice cream? There is something magical about that special cup of mango yogurt or that crunchy goodness of chocolate chip ice cream. Many people are hesitant to enjoy these wonderful desserts because they keep kosher. What if we told you that you can enjoy your favorite yogurt or ice cream while keeping kosher? Does that sound too good to be true?  Well, you better believe us.


Why our products is the best?


All of our dairy products are 100% kosher with ORB certification


We have a wide range of yogurt and ice cream flavors to choose from.


All of our products are made from top notch ingredients.


All of our yogurts and ice cream are freshly prepared.


Our parlor has a very welcoming ambience.


Our prices are competitive


We offer great environment for families and kids


Multiple serving sizes


Options to customize your ice creams and yogurts.


Our staff is highly dedicated and welcoming


We are a local business and we care about our community.


Our customers are our most valuable asset and our products reflect that.

Yogurt & Ice cream proudly presents 100% kosher yogurts and ice creams. We have a wide range of delicious yogurts and ice creams that are perfectly suitable for people who keep kosher. All of our products are ORB certified. Now you can enjoy your favorite desserts without any worries.

Our efforts are concentrated towards providing our customers with highest quality products that don’t cost huge amounts of money. Our freshly prepared desserts are just too delicious to skip. If you have a sweet tooth and you want to indulge yourself with the most delicious yogurts and Ice creams then Yogurt & Ice cream is the ultimate place for you.


Feel Free to Contact with Us

Please do visit us once and we promise you will keep coming back. We have built our business on dedication and strong work ethic and our products do reflect that. Getting 100% kosher ice creams and yogurts was never this fun and easy. With Yogurt & Ice cream now you can indulge your taste palates while not worrying about keeping kosher. So, drop by at Yogurt & Ice cream and let us impress you with our delicious desserts


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